New Drillforge Website

April 10, 2016 by Keith Wallace - No Comments

Time for a new look, I had actually engaged a web designer to do both the Megastra (www.megastra.com) website as well as the Drillforge one but after doing this my opinion of web designers is on par with chiropractors and used car salesmen.

Conceptually I wanted the 2 sites to look similar so potential customers can visually see a link between Drillforge & Megastra Jaya and the Drillforge site to be a window to the services we provide and showcase some of the products we manufacture for ourselves.  The Megastra website is just a services page with some flashy photo’s so people can feel as if they “know” who we are.  It turned out to get really ugly as the people doing it were way out of their comfort zone (it was a good example of a company looking much more competent than they really were).

Having separated I decided to do the Drillforge site myself and I will end up redoing the Megastra page as well using the same theme or maybe another theme, the one Drillforge is based off of is ~3 years old but I liked the rustic look.

I’m also doing a few other new things too as I now use ManageWP to post blogs entries for both websites in one location and using Woocommerce for the part showcase.  I should point out the prices are accurate they lean more towards retail smaller quantity sales rather then the wholesale prices, we still want the customer to contact us directly as supply for larger volume is less online payment and more detail involved.

In the end there are some issues with the page builder and I’ll be updates a few where the images have not resized properly but I’m pretty happy where all of this has ended up and I’ll look to improve the site from now on.